George Enescu and Romanian pianism: a practical guide for the performance of the piano solo Suites and Sonatas

George Enescu (1881-1955) is considered one of the most prominent figures of twentieth-century Romanian music.

While there are many resources that examine him as a composer and as a violinist (Enescu Societies in France, Romania and United States of America) little material exists that applies this knowledge to the performance of his piano music.
Many stylistic aspects need to be researched in order to arrive at the best approximation of the composer’s intentions and his personal artistic message. Included in these are awareness of the appropriate literary and musical sources (writings, testimonies, musical manuscripts, historical recordings, contextual information etc). This wealth of information will be analyzed and so that the end result will be informed recordings of the Suites and Sonatas, accompanied by written commentary on the interpretative choices made and their justification.

This research is the first specific and comprehensive study of George Enescu’s Suites and Sonatas for piano solo, which will investigate central aspects of performance issues of the above mentioned works.