“The history of the pig -within us-” Manual for documentary makers.

I am writing a 'manual for documentary makers'. This is challenging, it would mean that there are methods, advices, rules for the 'good' documentary. It goes without saying that the manual is rather a book full of questions and concerns. An attempt to approach the documentary in a holistic way. The documentary: 'The history of the pig (within us)' is included in the handbook as a 'case'; and is analogous to the handbook in the sense that also in the documentary a holistic approach is at issue. Both handbook and documentary are greedy, broadly based and contemplative.

The intertitles (for the time being) I use as a structure for the handbook leave nothing and everything to the imagination:

- Ars longa, vita brevis - prologue
- Writing a handbook
- If we did not have to deal with that damn god in ourselves, we might want to be excellent people!
- Beauty is!
- A man of goodwill ...
- The fictional, the documentary and the art
- Genres, styles and speech confusion
- Reality, truth and truthfulness
- The sound of music
- Speaking spirits
- A lookout for hunters
- Lessons in documentary making - a handbook
- Money, L. v. Beethoven and the provisional end
- Fatigue, numbness, confession - epilogue