Define, Explore and Improve the Guitar Performer’s Gesture and microGesture in Classical and Electric Guitar Written Pieces from 1977 to Tomorrow

The research is divided in three parts :

- A first part is proposing a definition of Gesture and microGesture

- A second part is a direct application of this process on the performer: with a selected repertoire of contemporary Guitar pieces, I am exploring new ways to improve the guitar technics. My purpose is to “reinvent the technics” by proving that it doesn’t exists for itself, but only through the Gesture and microGesture, with a direct connection to the composer’s thought.
This includes new ways of writing the music (Gesture notation), and of decoding it; which supposes commissions to composers and premieres of new music.
Another direct application is the relation to pedagogy: this exploration of myself as a performer, learning new relations and connections to the body allows me to formalize a new way of teaching the instrument, less connected to the note itself but more to the music and sound.

- The third part is implicating the use of computer technology: with 3D sensors, I am directly connected to my own Gesture, which auto-creates music: this is a reflection about the future and one solution for the musician of tomorrow to stay connected to the new world, the new society and the use of new technologies.