Exploring guitar techniques through transcriptions and creations

The main focus of this project is the gesture in guitar music. My research, which can include regular repertoire, is more specifically articulated around the development of a new repertoire for guitar through transcriptions and creations.

1. Regarding the instrument, the research domain shall be large - solo, chamber music and concerto repertoire - in order to study the largest interaction possible of the instrument itself or with other instruments.

2. The repertoire will also be extended, in terms of music periods: from baroque to contemporary music.
2.1. The research on transcriptions is articulated around pieces written for keyboard. I’m interested to study in which way we can adapt not only a keyboard piece but a keyboard gesture to the guitar, to improve the performer’s techniques and musicality in general and the performance itself. My transcriptions for guitar duo will be a starting point for this research.
2.2. The research on creations concerns new music written for the guitar by composers who are guitar performers or other instruments performers. I want to study in which way the techniques can be developed between composers who know the guitar very well but can be limited by their own techniques, and composers who will have no limits except their own creativity, but who don’t play the guitar. Jeffrey Holmes’ Danzleikr piece will be the second starting point of this research.