Realized projects

Rochester’s world: the world of a/the Monkey. Een anatomie van de barokke theatraliteit

Dehert Pol

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P-Trains (Astrin Phosphora)

Eysermans Ann

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The notation is not the music

Kuijken Barthold

Reading the notation of Early Music according to today’s conventions is often misleading. Indications of pitch, tempo, rhythm, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, ornamentation and instrumentation have had less fixed or altogether different meanings in the past. The reading was also influenced by the tradition of improvisation, the quality of the source and the attitude of both performer and audience. Further the double concept of authenticity is discussed: the (unattainable) historical authenticity and the (artistically essential) personal authenticity. Based upon his long experience with Early Music, the author relates which solutions he adopts when facing this unstable but artistically fascinating situation.


Teatro dell’ascolto – Worüber man nicht sprechen kann, muss man spielen…

Michiels Jan

For this very own ‘teatro dell’ascolto’ – not in wood, but on paper and above all, in sound – the structure of ‘Prometeo’ and the idea of Camillo’s ‘Teatro della Memoria’, set the tone, as it were, as did the Prometheus trilogy (which has not survived complete) and the town plan of La Serenissima. The search through this theatre is intermingled with the Venetian labyrinth:  it has become a mosaic of proprietary texts that have accompanied my own activities as a performing musician for the last seventeen years, interspersed with words of others. 


A tribute to Cole Porter

Van den Brande Wilfried