Symbols, words, sound illustrations and meanings in the music of Debussy, Wolf and Scriabin

My aim is to find a way of performing musical pieces that would allow to present the music within its intellectual and aesthetic context. Sessions of music, arts, and talks on aesthetics would serve better than the traditional concert practice to create meaningful aesthetic experiences, and to preserve the richness of European tradition.

Accordingly to my idea, the extra musical parts of the performance would be as much artistic as the performance itself: the choice of the media would be done by the performer and would serve to emphasize the artistic effect. It would open a whole new meaning of the term interpreting music, and would allow to create intense, multidimensional bonds between the performer and the audience.

In my research I am focusing on the music associated with the Symbolist’s movement (Debussy, Scriabin), as this was the time when philosophy, music and other fine arts were considered as complementary sides of the same activity – metaphysical inquiry. It makes the subject exceptionally fitting for my ideas.