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Ann Eysermans’ P-Trains (Astrin Phosphora)

The video concert "P - Trains (Astrin Phosphora)" is one part of Ann Eysermans' Doctorate in the Arts of the same title.

In ‘P - Trains (Astrin Phosphora)’, the lonely physicist Frank Kondon and his dog Hund take you on a journey through a world of trains and phosphorescence. Against a background of ‘P’ trains, Fyra trains, old diesel trains, atomic observations, white phosphorous, ‘morendi’ and delays, abstractions move like opposition votes, presented in inter-media fragments that only those living in the year 2014 will comprehend. This intimate audiovisual performance is made up of a number of different worlds, which come together in compositions, tales, sounds, movements, parallels and contradictions to create a single whole that screams aloud and whispers benignly.

Tickets cost €18 and are available through the website of deSingel.