Ann Eysermans, Maarten Buyl, Hugo Morales & ChampdAction - Trialogue: new sounds and experiment in a multimedia performance

For TRANSIT, Ann Eysermans, Maarten Buyl and Hugo Morales created a total production. To this end, they think and work together on the symbiosis of their creations, the spatial setup, the use of video and the relationship between virtuality and reality. This performance - executed by ChampdAction - is also the first (internal) phase of Ann Eysermans' PhD defence. If everything goes according to plan, the public defence of Ann's Doctorate in the Arts "P-Trains (Astrin Phosphora)" is scheduled for 20th (video concert at deSingel, Antwerp) and 27th November (expo and final defence at M HKA).

Tickets for Trialogue cost €15 and are available through the website of TRANSIT festival.