Public defenceConcert

[IN]VISIBLE, Benjamin Van Esser & ChampdAction

This concert - a collaboration with ChampdAction - is the culmination of Benjamin Van Esser's extensive research into the artistic performance strategies of computer musicians and the first part of the public defence of his Doctorate in the Arts entitled [IN]VISIBLE Towards an Artistic Performance Strategy for Computer Musicians.

[IN]VISIBLE tells the story of Benjamin Van Esser’s struggle with tinnitus. Throughout the performance, he translates his experiences into an electro-acoustic, multimedia experience: the disorientation that strikes with the initial 'attack', the experimental electro-shock therapy, the benumbing tranquilisers and finally the cure. Every aspect is embodied here, in an often raw and harsh, but minimalist musical language, given structure by electronic manipulation. It is by detaching from our familiar acoustic sound world that [IN]VISIBLE wants to create a new reality: a reality in which this seemingly virtual but very present condition finds its solution.

Tickets for the concert can be obtained here.

The concert will be followed by a final academic defence at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel on Thursday 22nd December (2pm).