Research Day

Contemporary Performance Practice

On Wednesday 12th October, the PhD students of Contemporary Performance Practice present their current research. The day is introduced and moderated by Jan Michiels.
The following contributions are on the programme:

10.00     Introduction - Artistic Research: contemporary? in performance? as practice? (Jan Michiels)
10.15     Enculturation through mediation. Mediating between the explicit and the tacit, experts and laymen, science and arts (Koen Dries)
10.45     [IN]VISIBLE, Towards an Artistic Performance Strategy for Computer Musicians (Benjamin Van Esser)
11.15     (Micro)Gesture, movement and vibration transmission: exploring new technics inducing new gestures in Tristan Murail’s “Tellur” for Classical Guitar (Pierre Bibault)
12.15     Performing the “Biblioteca de musica para guitarra”, guitar compositions of the Spanish pre-­war composers dedicated to Regino Sainz de la Maza. Historical performance practice of the Spanish modernism and a comparison with the modern interpretations (Yiannis Efstathopoulos)

14.00     True obedience lies in overstepping – remarks on the romantic ideal of artistic virtuosity (Tomasz Konieczny)
14.45     Composing and performing with emotions - How do you express emotions with music? (Philippe Lamouris)
15.30     Articulations on marimba (Rachel Zhang)
16.15     FLUNG ME, An ongoing project on the recasting and recording of Michael Edwards' music for saxophone and electronics (Henrique Portovedo)