Les Sonadori - Six violons Renaissance, de la basse au piccolo

Alain Gervreau and his ensemble Les Sonadori - consort de violons Renaissance - bring to life pieces of Deprez, Willaert, Lassus, Festa, Gombert, Rore, ...
This concert is part of the programme for the Festival baroque de Pontoise and takes place in the unique setting of the Château d'Écouen, where you'll also find the Musée national de la Renaissance.

Les Sonadori is the ensemble Alain Gervreau put together for his doctoral project "Les ensembles de six violons de la basse au soprano au XVIe siècle en italie du nord: re-création d'une pratique musicale" and also consists of Odile Edouard, Béatrice Linon, Sarah van Oudenhove, Hervé Douchy and Nicolas Sansarlat. This concert is the first (internal) phase of Alain's PhD defence, but everyone is of course welcome to partake in the concert.

Tickets can be ordered online.