Registration “Selection moment PhD in the Arts - KCB”

The Doctorate in the Arts at the Royal Conservatory Brussels (KCB) is only available to candidates who've successfully concluded a two-step selection, which consists of an artistic screening (possibly including a performance) organized by KCB, followed by the "Selection moment PhD in the Arts - KCB" organized by the Brussels Arts Platform.

Please note: only musicians and composers who have been evaluated positively in the artistic screening can apply for this selection moment. The preliminary screening is organised twice a year by KCB - candidates need to apply before 15th August or 15th December - and is based on the artistic CV/portfolio of the candidates. If necessary, candidates can also be asked to prepare a performance. For further information regarding the artistic screening process, please contact the research coordinator of KCB, Kristin Van den Buys (email). The following guidelines only apply to this second phase of the selection.

Did you already pass the artistic screening by KCB? Congratulations! Please refer to this page for the guidelines and practicalities, preparing you for one of the selection moments during the academic year 2016-'17 (2nd December 2016 or 21st April 2017).

By the application deadline (7th November 2016 or 27th March 2016, respectively) you will need to prepare an application package - in accordance with your supervisor - which outlines your research proposal, methodology, personal motivation, etc. You can dowload the application package here.

The selection moment itself, consists of three parts:
- presentation of your research proposal (15 minutes)
- a short recital (15 minutes)
- interview by the jury

If you still have any questions about the selection moment, don't hesitate to contact Annelore Brantegem (email)