Research Day

Research Day HIPP (KCB)

On Friday 20th March, students and teachers of KCB as well as (PhD) researchers present their current research on the HIPP (Historically Informed Performance Practice) Research Day. The presentations will be held at the Temple (Kleine Zavel building), all proceedings will be in English.


9h30    Welcome

10h00  Introduction (Jan De Winne and Stefan Verdegem)

10h10  Flos Harmonicus and other graces from the Middle Ages – Theory and  practice of the medieval ornamentation and graces according to D’Arrezzo, Tinctoris and Moravia (Cecilia Peçanha)

10h35  Ermenegildo De Cinque: cavaliere, abbate, forgotten – In search of a mystical cello composer (Boris Atanasov)

10h55  Play as written? — A rare example of 19th century ornamentation practice in a newly discovered manuscript (Anne Pustlauk)

11h30  Building bridges (Korneel Le Compte)

12h15  Break

13h30  The Brahms odyssee (Piet Kuijken)

14h00  In search of the recorder idiom in early – 17th - century Italy (Peter Van Heyghen)

14h30  Final discussion