“The heArt of Transcription”: Duo Sweet 17 plays at Made in Asia

Duo Sweet 17 (Korneel Le Compte and Haruko Tanabe) are bringing their music to the manga and anime expo Made in Asia, where they will play a programme of Japanese anime and video game music. They are applying the art of transcription to these tunes in order to play them on double bass and viola d'amore.

"We chose to apply some of the "Sweet 17 Magic" to these wonderful tunes: first we listened carefully, we tried to find the deeper, hidden qualities of the pieces, and then we adapted them to the specific playing styles of our instruments. We introduced some foreign elements and quotes from other music styles. We tried to capture the right  "spirit" for each and every tune. In short, we treated this "non-classical" music with the respect and attention to detail that it deserves. Because this is really good music! The result is like a breath of fresh air, a new lease of life for this music that has so much to offer to musicians and audiences alike. It's been very inspiring to bring the Art of Transcription to these tunes, and we hope the audience will have as much joy and happiness listening to them as we have when we play them!", says Korneel Le Compte of the project.

The concert is freely accessible to visitors of the expo. Tickets can be bought here.