Public defenceConcert

The keyed flute, Anne Pustlauk & Friends

This concert is the culmination of Anne Pustlauk's extensive research into the keyed flute and part of the public defence of her Doctorate in the Arts entitled “The Keyed Flute 1790 - 1850, its performance practice and chamber music repertoire with pianoforte and/or strings". Tickets for the concert can be obtained here.

The ensemble - Anne Pustlauk (flute), Madoka Nakamaru (violin), Manuela Bucher (viola), Michel Boulanger (cello) - will bring repertoire by W.A. Mozart (Quartet in G, KV 387, C. Fürstenau), S. Mercadante (Flute quartet in e nr. 1) and C. Kummer (Flute quartet, opus 102).

The concert will be followed by a final defence at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel on Monday 7th November.