Prepositions in Artistic Research

On 14 and 15 December 2017 ARTO and the Arts Platform Brussels will organise the PhD symposium ‘Prepositions in Artistic Research’ on the topic of artistic research in the Arts. ARTO is the VUB research group for artistic research and the Arts Platform Brussels is the common research environment of the VUB and the School of Arts of the Erasmus University College Brussels,- the RITCS and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

Starting from specific examples of research in the arts, this two-day symposium aims to create a breeding ground for dialogue and reflection around frequent questions and problems related to artistic research.

Propositions for presentations of ongoing PhD resarch in the arts can be made around four themes:

·       Historical Informed Performance Practice

·       Contemporary Music

·       Documentary

·       Theory of the artistic research

The research work can be presented in every possible form: a lecture recital, lecture screening or a lecture performance, a pitch session, an installation…

Keynote speakers are Clive Brown, Jean-Paul Van Bendegem, Karel Van Haesebrouck and Kathleen Coessens.

It is Jean-Paul Van Bendegem who has formulated the thought around the title of the symposium.  The concept ‘preposition’  signifies literally the ‘position before’.  By taking into account that specific meaning of the word preposition, expressions like ‘art IN science’, ‘art ABOUT science`, FROM art TO science – and any reversal of these- force to reflection about the position that the artistic resarcher takes towards the subject of his research.  The  ‘preposition’, the ‘position before’ is always an essential part of the research question- the formulation of the question as well as the space for possible answers.

Moreover, the first moves of art to science -and vice-versa- are only one aspect of the many questions that emerge when the artistic researcher wants to determine and circumscribe his position. Just to be clear: this thought doesn’t want to become a straitjacket, but an incentive to think, amongst other about the ways in which to speak, write, in short to communicate about artistic research- howsoever particular and self-willed it is (and should be). 

All propositions should be sent before 16 November 2017 to

The proposition(s) should contain the following elements (max 1000 to 1500 signs):

·      Abstract

·       Format

·       Length of time

·       Technical requirements (beamer, sound installation, piano…)


Image Ann Eysermans, "P-Trains (Astrin Phosphora)"