Knowing and Learning in Artistic Practices

Op vrijdag 22 april vindt op KCB de volgende KLAP (Knowing and Learning in Artistic Practices) onderzoeksdag plaats, met opnieuw een bijzonder gevarieerd programma.

9.15     Onthaal met croissants
9.30     Inleiding
9.40     Richard Sutcliffe, Sources for music research at the virtual library KCB
10.00   KunstenFestivaldesArts, Announcement of a very promising artistic event
10.30   Ruth Rondas, The unique pedagogical relation between music professor and music student
11.00   Kathleen Coessens, Improvisation from everyday life to artistic event
11.30   Michel Yang, Body and objects in performance (from the point of view of a dancer)

12.45   Kris Defoort, On improvisation and opera
13.30   Peter Van Bergen, Improvisation, the virtual and the unexpected
14.00   Kurt Bertels, Belgian influences on saxophone music: Paul Gilson